TV ASIA / EPISODE 9 – SAMACHARI NEWS (Comedienne/Correspondent)

TV ASIA / Kids Spelling Burp Sketch (Comedienne)

TV ASIA / Kids DON’T Try This at Home: Cultural Appropriation Sketch (Comedienne)

TV ASIA / Stripping Away Ignorance 101 Sketch (Comedienne)

Proud Whopper / Burger King Commercial (Assistant Manager)

KTVU Channel 2 News / FOX Commercial (Lead)

Hell Gate London Trailer / Video Game EA Games Voiceover (Young Girl / Jessica)

Lime Dating App / Commercial (Amy)

Collective Health Care / Launch Video (Intern)

Got Mom’s / Commercial (Church Girl / Bully)

The A&M Show / TV Pilot (Christina)

Baby Center / Commercial (Hand Model)

Baby Center / Commercial (Hand Model)

Baby Center / Commercial (Hand Model)

Monologue from “Boys Life” by Howard Korder

Dramatic Monologue

White Walls / Independent Film (Lead)

Date with a Serial Killer / The Nighty Nite Show (Terry)

Keeping Up with Kim’s Third Butt Cheek / The Sober Life of Floppy Fish (Kourtney Kardashian)

Roommates / Independent Film (Lead)

Drink and a Drag / Manhattan Rep (Lead Girl)

Rockstar Show / The New School for Drama (Beyoncé)

Treasure Hunt / Independent Film (Lead)

Placebo / Independent Film (Lead Girl)

Double Take / Manhattan Rep (Old Lady)

Hey Gorgeous / Independent Film (Lead)

Escape / Independent Film (Lead)

Searching for Jamaica / Music Video (Lead Girl)